Juniper Community Missions

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Hares for Haiti

This unique program equips Haitian farmers with the skills needed to successfully raise rabbits as a source of food and income while extending the love and grace of Jesus Christ. This is a microloan program where the farmers will repay the costs of the cages and return rabbits to bless other families with this same business opportunity.

Family Gardens

Through this ministry posts and fencing materials are provided for a family garden. Teams will work alongside able family members to accomplish the construction.

Most families cannot afford the fencing materials to keep the neighbors goats out of their garden. It is not uncommon to have a beautiful garden at night and wake up to nothing, that is why many villages have given up on gardening. Providing fencing solves most of this problem.

Fruit Trees

Through this project you have the opportunity to partner with us to plant young native fruit trees to provide an ongoing food source. Posts and fencing will also be installed to protect them from free ranging goats. The reality is families have a choice, purchase a tree that will yield fruit in 4 to 5 years (if not eaten by goats) or spend the money for food for today.

Home Construction & Repair

Many homes are in dire need of repair. Other homes need to be replaced entirely. We work through the local churches to provide for those with the greatest need.

Catch Water System

This system provides the ability for families to catch rain water in areas where a well is not readily accessible. A gutter system will be installed on the home and water barrel provided. When families are in need of a new roof, a new roof will also be installed.

This water catch system is installed on the Juniper Depot holding and supplying 3,000 gallons of water for the local community.
Funds will be solicited to provide for short-term disaster relief. 


Church Plants

Church Planting - We assess through the local pastors and during village ministry where there is need for a new church or assist and strengthen an existing church. After a decision is made to plant a church, we work with a local pastor to purchase land. After the land is purchased we raise funds to construct a rustic structure to hold services. Once a congregation is established and stable we then work with the pastor and congregation to construct a permanent church building. Team members are utilized for their expertise in proper construction and work alongside their Haitian brothers and sisters during the construction process. Whether a new plant or strengthening an existing church we provide material and financial support for programs like Bible Club (see below).

Bible Club

Help financially support  bible club for the children of Haiti. Juniper partners with the local church to reach the children and raise up the next generation of believers. They meet once a week for a bible lesson and a meal. Even the voodoo priest will send their children to bible club because food is provided.   

Village Ministry

Village Ministry - You will be partnering with the local pastor and his congregation to reach the community for Christ. Through this home visitation ministry, you will have the opportunity to share your faith, through one of our gifted translators, in hopes of leading the listener to Christ. New believers are then connected to the church where discipleship and encouragement begin. This is also vital in our church planting activities.

We ask that each team member bring a minimum of 5 kits to distribute as we share Christ’s love while visiting homes. 

Each kit includes: 4 toothbrushes, 2 tubes of toothpaste, wash cloth, soap, antibiotic cream, hydrocortisone cream, and band aids.

Juniper Extreme Evangelism Program

Teams will attend Haitian church, prepare gear and leave Monday morning for three nights and four days of backpacking. The team will share the love of Jesus Christ and Word of God to those who live in the rugged and unreachable mountains. This ministry is only for those in excellent health & physical condition with an adventurous heart to reach the lost.   

Vacation Bible School

Providing resources and manpower for vacation bible school. This is a summer activity around July.

Light In The Mountain Ministry Center

Our ministry center was completed in January of 2018. The ministry center is housing teams as they minister in the mountains and surrounding areas. 

Polaris Ranger Crew 6 Passenger Diesel UTV’s

We are raising funds to purchase one additional UTV. The 'Ministry Mules' are used to transport team members as we minister through the rugged mountains of Haiti. They are also used to deliver food and supplies to our affiliated orphanages.  hanages, churches and work sites.