Juniper Community Missions

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Interested in serving with us in Haiti? Below is a list of all of our team trips. Simply click on the week you are interested in and it will take you to our application for that week.

APRIL 6-13, 2019 - J.E.E.P - Georgie & Christina Losch Team Leaders   - AVAILABLE


JULY 20-27, 2019 - Mark Foor Team LeaderAVAILABLE

JULY 27-AUGUST 3, 2019 - Mark Foor Team LeaderFULL

SEPTEMBER 7-14, 2019 - Journey Church - RESERVED

SEPTEMBER 14-21, 2019 -  Traci Ross Team leader - AVAILABLE

NOVEMBER 9-16, 2019 - Journey Church - RESERVED

JANUARY 4-11, 2020 – Ryan Fortenbaugh Team Leader

JANUARY 11-18, 2020 – Joye Gingrich Team Leader

JANUARY 18-25, 2020 – Journey Church - RESERVED

FEBRUARY 22-29, 2020 - Traci Ross Team Leader

FEBRUARY 29-March 7, 2020 - Bunkertown Church - RESERVED

MARCH 7-14, 2020 – Brookfield Church - RESERVED

MARCH 28 - April 4, 2020 –OPEN

APRIL 4-11, 2020 - Journey Church - RESERVED

JUNE 6-13, 2020 - OPEN

JUNE 13-20, 2020 - OPEN

JULY 11-18, 2020 - OPEN 

JULY 18-25, 2020 - Mark Foor Team Leader - OPEN

JULY 25- Aug 1, 2020 - Mark Foor Team Leader - OPEN

SEPTEMBER 5-12, 2020 - Journey Church - RESERVED


OCTOBER 10-17, 2020 - OPEN

NOVEMBER 7-14, 2020 – Journey Church - RESERVED

What does serving with Juniper look like?

Juniper trips are customized to each team's strengths, desires, and abilities, while also achieving the needs of the mission, churches, and communities. Normal Activities include: worshiping with the local church, work projects, church construction and repair, home construction and repair, ministering to adults and children, village ministry, building rabbit cages, and devotion time with the team. Additional ministry opportunities may be available based on the team member's profession, skills, or abilities, such as construction, sports outreaches, school interaction and teaching, youth ministries, medical assessments, etc.

Here are expanded descriptions of the activities listed above:

The heart of our ministry is relationship building. Two major components to our relationship building is church planting and village ministry.

Church Planting - We assess through the local pastors and during village ministry where there is need for a new church or assist and strengthen an existing church. After a decision is made to plant a church, we work with a local pastor to purchase land. After the land is purchased we raise funds to construct a rustic structure to hold services. Once a congregation is established and stable we then work with the pastor and congregation to construct a permanent church building. Team members are utilized for their expertise in proper construction and work alongside their Haitian brothers and sisters during the construction process. Whether a new plant or strengthening an existing church we provide material and financial support for programs like Bible Club (see below).

Village Ministry - You will be partnering with the local pastor and his congregation to reach the community for Christ. Through this home visitation ministry, you will have the opportunity to share your faith, through one of our gifted translators, in hopes of leading the listener to Christ. New believers are then connected to the church where discipleship and encouragement begin. This is also vital in our church planting activities.

Farmers in the Field MinistryThis reaches hard-working men and women toiling in the field. Like village ministry, you will have the opportunity to share your faith while providing a much needed cold drink of water and a snack to the farmers you visit.

Home Construction and Repair Homes are constructed when special needs arise and are presented through the local church or found on village ministry. These needs vary from storm damage, inadequate shelter for elderly, homeless due to persecution from becoming a Christian, and fatherless families.

Bible Club - You will have the opportunity to spend time with the local children, many who attend bible club. This is a ministry of the church that Juniper supports financially to purchase food. The purpose of this program is to reach the children before they become involved in voodoo and the entrapments of the world. Even voodoo priests send their children to bible club because food is provided. They receive food, not only for the body but for the mind and soul as well.

Hares for Haiti - You will visit rabbit farmers and also take part in building cages for our micro-loan program. This sustainable solution equips farmers with the skills needed to successfully raise rabbits as a source of food and income. With this activity you will be part of providing a family with the opportunity to see permanent change.

Movie Night - One night of your week you will be part of hosting a movie night at the ministry center in an effort to continue relationship building with the local children.

Youth Outreach - We have activities with the local youth. Activities with the youth are done through the local church to continue building that life bridge of faith from bible club to adulthood. This can be anything from bible studies to sports camps, or a simple pick up soccer game.

Bible Studies - You will have the opportunity, should you choose, to take part in hosting a bible study for men, women, or both. Encouraging them in their faith and family life.